Flu vaccination

Outbreaks of flu occur every Winter and although being vaccinated does not guarantee immunity from the virus, we encourage the elderly, those with asthma, chest problems, diabetes and heart disease to have an annual flu vaccine. Extra clinics are run in October for this. Please leave your name at Reception if you wish to be added to the recall list.

Family planning

All doctors and practice nurses provide contraceptive services and advice. These include emergency and oral contraception, advice on long-acting reversible agents and contraceptive choices. Patients requesting cap and coil fittings are signposted to the family planning clinics at Alton (07584 616285) and Winchester (01962 824608) for further help.

Chlamydia Screening

We are participating in the National Chlamydia Screening Programme, this means that we offer all young people aged 15-24 a Chlamydia screen at each appointment. Would you like to be screened while you are here? You can take the test yourself and it is really quick and painless.

Breast Screening

Mammography (taking x-rays of breast tissue) is organised from outside the practice.

Screening takes place every 3 years in women aged 50-64 and it is planned to extend this to age 70 by 2004. The Department of Health does not currently fund the routine screening of women below the age of 50 (effectively pre-menopausal women). Screening is difficult in women who still have periods because the breast tissue changes with the monthly cycle. Nevertheless, it does advocate screening women who have a first degree relative who has had breast cancer (i.e. mother or a sister) from 5 years before the age at which the relative was diagnosed.

New Patient Consultations

Every patient registering with the practice will have the opportunity of a new patient consultation. The appointment gives you a chance to meet us, have your health checked and bring to light any ongoing medical problems or important past medical history, including continuing your medication.

Your appointment will be with a senior practice nurse who will liaise with the doctors about your history and medication.

We will ask you about the following:

  • Your past medical history (important illnesses and operations)
  • Ongoing medical problems
  • Medication
  • Family history
  • You will have your blood pressure taken and your urine will be tested. Occasionally other examinations or tests may be done if needed.