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Breast Pilot Service for Breast Lumps and Symptoms

From Wednesday 4 August, Mansfield Park Surgery will be part of a 12 week pilot for people over 30 years of age with a lump, pain or symptoms such as breast pain or nipple discharge. It is open to all women, including transgender women, transgender men and assigned female at birth non-binary women.

This is part of the right patient, right time, right place NHS initiative.

You will not need to see or speak with a GP. You can self-refer by calling the service Monday to Friday, 09:00 am - 16:00 pm on 0300 123 0769 to discuss your symptoms and arrange the next steps.

Please see the below information leaflets for more information:

Breast lump and symptoms service >>

Important information about the Breast Pilot Service >>


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Diabetic Eye Screening: Important Notice about Diabetic Eye Screening

The National Diabetic Eye Screening Team have recently issued guidance to restart screening for all in a phased approach. Our Restoration Plan has been agreed with the local NHS England and NHS Improvement Commissioners and we are very pleased and eager to start screening once again.

We will invite people to screening appointments in the following order:

  • Invite over next few weeks and months - those who are pregnant, under digital surveillance, newly diagnosed, had background retinopathy at last appointment (R1M0) or Did Not Attend their last appointment.
  • Next Year (2022) - Those who at their last appointment had no retinopathy or maculopathy (R0M0) are at much lower risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

Should you notice any severe changes to your sight in the meantime, please telephone your local Hospital Eye Department or A&E.

The Bookings Team will be in touch to rearrange all other appointments once screening resumes.

Thank you for your patience.